Pioneer DJM-900SRT arrives straight from Mars. Scientists baffled, DJs are thrilled

That’s right, NASA didn’t even see it coming.  The Pioneer DJM-900SRT is THE DJ mixer you have needed your entire career, you just didn’t know it until now, or maybe you did?

First things first.  No more Scratch Live.  Gone.  Outta here.  Buh bye.  See ya. (not totally gone until Spring 2014) Welcome, Serato DJ.  DJ now offers DVS control with Vinyl and CJS.  How awesome is that?

On top of that bombshell, they announced the Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixer, the DDJ-SP1 add-on controller for Serato DJ & the Rane Sixty-Four Mixer.  Let’s focus on the DJM-900SRT for now through.  It has a built in Serato DJ certified audio interface.  Look maw, no more Scratch Live box!  Now, don’t get all excited, you already own the PERFECT backup device.  Keep it.  The market is going to be flooded with people dumping their interfaces with the announcement of these 2 new mixers.  Our opinion is KEEP IT.  Did we mention that keeping it for a backup is a good idea?

Gone is the spaghetti of wires all over your rig.  At a minimum you will lose a pair of RCA, possibly more depending on how you setup.  All the other features of the DJM-900 are left in tact with some very minor aesthetic changes to set the SRT edition apart.

We’re thrilled to see this mixer and welcome this beast from outer space.  I bet we see a TON of DJM mixers up for sale aftermarket in the coming weeks.  Meanwhile, shop smart, shop S-Mart.  You got that?  Now that we have those parting words from Ash, head on over to and reserve yourself a Pioneer DJM-900SRT from the reigning Pioneer dealer of the year.