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Dig the new Rane Sixty-Four Mixer

Rane, Rane go away…come visit us any day you like, and bring new DJ Mixers with you, like that bad a$$ Sixty-Four you just announced to the world. Just in – The Rane Sixty-Four.  Is the Sixty-Two just not enough channels for you?  Are you a 12″ kinda guy?  The more the merrier?  The bigger the better?  Well, this new mixer is feature packed and ready to take its claim Read More...


Pioneer DJM-900SRT arrives straight from Mars. Scientists baffled, DJs are thrilled

That’s right, NASA didn’t even see it coming.  The Pioneer DJM-900SRT is THE DJ mixer you have needed your entire career, you just didn’t know it until now, or maybe you did? First things first.  No more Scratch Live.  Gone.  Outta here.  Buh bye.  See ya. (not totally gone until Spring 2014) Welcome, Serato DJ.  DJ now offers DVS control with Vinyl and CJS.  How awesome is that? On top Read More...


Pioneer DDJ-SP1 Plug-n-Play Addon Controller for Serato DJ Announced

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of all things new in DJ land.  Pioneer dropped the DDJ-SP1 controller on us today. The DDJ-SP1 will work with ANY Serato DJ hardware and DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) Certified Hardware – so you do NOT have to use it with Pioneer.  People have been kicking and screaming for something like this to control Serato Scratch Live – we finally get something to Read More...